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Become the Thriving Performer You are Meant to Be!


Lead Your Career with the Curiosity + Systems You Need 

to Thrive as an Artist + Stay Organized in Your Biz

So That You Can Enjoy Your Life!

Lindsay Nance

Dominique Franceschi

Charlie Albers

Momentum Club members and other #GlobalActors
attending the 2023 Audie Awards.

When you join Momentum Club,

you join an

uplifting, supportive community

you can count on!

The Fortune is In the Follow-Through.

So often we have good intentions:
we create a plan,
but we lack the
follow-through because...

Life happens.

Our dreams are typically the first
to get put to the side when life calls.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing, though.

There is a way for you to achieve the
creative success you want

AND enjoy your life.

But you may need a little help to get there.

And that's cool, cause we all need

help. :)

Momentum Club is where artists and creatives
gather to

to face challenges with
curiosity, and to overcome doubts and obstacles

so that they can finally live their life's Purpose…

Momentum Club is where artists and creatives
gather to

to face challenges with
curiosity, and to overcome doubts and obstacles

so that they can finally live their life's Purpose…

Why Join Momentum Club?

Momentum Club Members Are:

  • Making tens of thousands of dollars more in their creative work than they used to
  • Winning Earphones Awards and narrating Audie-nominated projects! Woot! 
  • Are strategizing their next-level filmmaking moves
  • Getting direct offers on the regular! 
  • Working through difficult challenges and making it through to the other side with grit + grace
  • Prioritizing their dreams in a brave space!

Momentum Club Members Are:

  • Making tens of thousands of dollars more in their creative work than they used to
  • Winning Earphones Awards and narrating Audie-nominated projects! Woot! 
  • Are strategizing their next-level filmmaking moves
  • Getting direct offers on the regular! 
  • Working through difficult challenges and making it through to the other side with grit + grace
  • Prioritizing their dreams in a brave space!

"I will NEVER forget that feeling of pure joy that I had booked something SO huge...

I am excited for 2024 - I am no longer terrified about setting goals or milestones or feeling like I am alone on this journey. "

- Charlie Albers

"Thank you for coaching me through a read but also empowering me to feel like I can do it on my own."

- Candace Fitzgerald

When You Join Momentum Club,

You Gain Access to:

High-Level Coaching

Networking / Pitch Opportunities


CEO Level Structures + Systems

Habits, Boundaries + Rituals


"As an actor who gets the work they want by understanding the business of artistry, Elise is a person who is fearless and in control.

Talks with her are not only practical, honest and direct but empowering; not only to act but embrace your best most genuine self."

Aaron Reeder

Kim Narrated 24 Audiobooks in Less than a Year! 

Kim Niemi

"Before taking the plunge and working with Elise, I was feeling scattered about which goals to pursue and how to focus my efforts with two “day jobs” sucking up a lot of time and energy. I was throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall in the hope that anything would stick.  

With my goal of breaking in to the audiobook industry, Elise worked with me on the various technical aspects I needed to understand and perfect – from ways to use the training I already had as an actor, to new and specific skills needed as a narrator. Through my work with her I refined that technique, figured out which genres I was best suited to, made a demo, and crafted reach-out letters. The beautiful thing about Elise is her generosity in not just helping you be ready, but in sharing her contacts. I booked my first audiobook through one of her referrals and am about to record my third audiobook (that's 3 in three months!). [Kim is now at 65 audiobooks and counting!]  

None of this would have happened without Elise. It’s not just that she provides structure and accountability – she becomes your champion. She genuinely wants to see you succeed. She’s helped me feel powerful and confident – and I know it’s only a matter of time before my dream of saying goodbye to my day jobs and making 100% of my income as an actor becomes a reality."  

If you want big success, you've got to be working on your actions AND strategy consistently, and adjusting as necessary. It doesn't just happen unless you


Here's What Coaching in

Momentum Club Includes:

LIVE Coaching Calls + Workshops

(at least 4 per month, all recorded)


"Get Some Clarity" Q+A Call

This call is the place to show up once a month to share a quick update for accountability, ask any and all questions that have popped up since last session. 


Deep-Dive Hot-Seat Coaching

The Hot-Seat Coaching Call is your time to get direct coaching on whatever you’re struggling with. You’ll leave the call with a clear plan and action steps to keep you movin’ and groovin’ towards your next goal with ease. You can share marketing materials, auditions, VO or audiobooks samples, self-tapes or anything else you’d like my feedback on. 


Co-Working Sessions

This is like a built-in CEO date for your career. Bring the work you’ve been needing to get done, it may be the reachouts you’ve been putting off, the marketing materials you’ve been meaning to build, etc. During these sessions, we work silently in tandem, and between segments, there will be opportunities to ask any questions that are keeping you from forward momentum.


“Be Undeniable” Narration Call

Audiobook narration is becoming more competitive which means narration is getting better every day - we LOVE this. When you spend time leveling up your craft, your authenticity and skill level will make you UNDENIABLE. This monthly coaching call will help get you there. Get some LIVE coaching on your narration craft or submit a sample for feedback from Elise. 


Office Hours 1:1 Strategy Calls with Elise

This is a consistent opportunity to get Elise's eyes and ears on your monthly plan and check in based on the Dream Big, Plan Smart framework and systems. On a first come, first served basis once a month, you can have a LIVE five to ten minute check-in with Elise over Zoom. This alone is worth the price for Momentum Club!


Private Facebook Group

Connect with other members 24/7 online in our active private Facebook Group. It's a little like having a think tank right in your back pocket!

You'll discover new resources, have a sounding board for navigating tricky career questions, find answers and inspiration, and receive support from our amazing community.

Momentum Conversations

Industry professionals - from casting directors to producers and other creatives - will be invited into the community to share their experience, expertise and answer your questions. These small group events will help you move forward towards your career and life goals AND further your network.

Interviews include:

Xe Sands
Audie, SOVAS and Earphones award-winning narrator

Jess Herring
Founder and CEO of Audiobook Empire

Erick Black
Dreamscape Media

Jocqueline Protho

The Audio Flow

Jesse Bickford
Blackstone Publishing

Jeff Guillot

Scribe Media

Jessica Kaye
Curated Audio

Erin Spencer
Owner and Executive Producer at One Night Stand Studios

Tanya Eby
Casting Director and Producer at Deyan Audio

Michelle Figueroa

Grammy nominated, Audie Award winning Director + Recording Engineer, Hachette

Elisha Merricks

Audiobook Producer at Macmillan

Sara Pagluica

Producer, Director, and Audio Editor

for Audible Studios

Philip Miller
Audio Engineer and Producer at Deyan Audio

Kamala Garrett
Executive Producer and Casting Director at TYDEF Studios LLC

Online Training Portal

Hundreds of hours of content (coaching + training awaits you), but the intention is not for you to take it all in at once. You explore what you need based on where you're at in your journey! New content is added every month.

Accountability Partnerships

Would you like to be paired with a partner to get those important daily and weekly actions done? After 3 months in the club, if you’d like, our team will pair you with another Momentum Club member for the month. Each month you’ll get a new partner to keep things fresh. Optional.

Featured Content Includes:

The Dream Big, Plan Smart Challenge
You'll get access to all the materials from our Annual 5-day Training to help you get clear on what you want and how to achieve it in the next 12 months, so that you can make this your most-actionable year yet.

RECHARGE 5-Day Training
This 5-day mini-training course is designed to help you fully embrace and magnify who you are in order to attract the work you most desire.

Networking Training with Jennifer Aquino

Make sure you feel prepared to shine and connect with ease at your next in-person networking event with this exclusive training with actor, award-winning narrator and master networker, Jennifer Aquino.

Narrator Statement 2.0 Workshop

Your Narrator Statement is one of the most important marketing tools that you will share with the industry. Award-winning narrators André Santana and Jennifer Aquino will help you take yours to the NEXT LEVEL, so you have more clarity on how to introduce yourself to the industry and ultimately attract more of what you want.

CRAFT TRAINING: "Deepen Your Character Creation"
Get ready to take a peek into Elise's personal character creation process, the same one she uses for her own narration bookings, to help you deepen your character development and have more fun on your next project!

CRAFT TRAINING: "Approaching Non-Fiction with Confidence and Purpose"
Uncover your deepest connection to your non-fiction narration, so you can bring authenticity and confidence to any subject.

The Global Actor Audition Tracker
This tried-and-true resource will help you maximize your auditions.

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ENROLLMENT will reopen in late 2024.

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What Actors Are Saying:

Why You Need This:


I get it: You are an actor interested in A LOT of things but have difficulty focusing on just one. Momentum Club will help you define what it is you really want, among your narration and other acting goals so that together we can determine where you'll focus this year and how you will specifically and consistently work towards one goal. By achieving goal after goal, you will grow the career that you most desire, and will likely be surprised along the way!


Did you know that you are 9 times more likely to achieve a goal if you invest in accountability like working with a career coach? With three opportunities to connect each month, you will have the ability to check in with myself + our Community Mentors VERY CONSISTENTLY and ask for specific accountability so that you can finally push through whatever has held you back in the past (technology, comfort, not knowing how to get there), so you can can actually hit the acting + life goals that you want most.


There are A LOT of options out there when it comes to building your career as an actor. What makes #GlobalActors special is that we don't let our zipcode define us. We move forward through our plan with curiosity and a willingness to see what's in front of us right now, enjoying the process and ultimately looking back on the big strides we've made. Because we don't allow a ton of excuses, you'll notice you're surrounded by other hard-working actors who believe big things are possible, which makes it easy for you to practice a positive mindset.

Tina Wolstencroft

"I started The Great Audiobook Adventure at the end of 2019. And then right after that hopped into the Momentum Club, because even though the steps were right there, as you're going through it, you just have all these very special questions that pop up that you weren't thinking of. And I always learned so much from just listening to other people's questions and their coaching. And it always motivated me after a call.

My progress has been really great, thanks to Elise. And since I joined, I had one book under my belt and I'm recording my 20th right now and have already booked my 23rd. So I'm just really excited and yeah, it's been really great."

Janna found success with Momentum Club’s
ongoing accountability

Janna is working on her 2nd audiobook because of the tools and structure she learned inside The Great Audiobook Adventure combined with the ongoing accountability and strategy she has found in Momentum Club.

Eric feels Supported, Validated, Connected + is WORKING! 

"If I had not been made aware of and then took the step to work with Elise, I would not be in the position I am in now. For the first time in my life, I am a working voice actor, having just signed on to voice three audiobooks for a local publisher. Next week I'll be recording a video game demo with a world renowned demo producer. Neither of these things would have happened had I not been working with Elise. I have worked with other business coaches and marketing coaches over the past 4 years or so and literally nothing changed. There was no forward movement. I'm not saying their techniques won't work for anyone, but they didn't work for me. Elise brought support, validation, connection and real concrete "Go and do THIS" instructions that were actionable, logical and showed measurable results. Working with Elise has made a huge difference."  

Eric Fox

Darrionna Barnes

“Before I worked with Elise, I felt clueless about the steps I could take to advance my career beyond training vigorously in an acting class. I was no doubt a passionate artist, but I felt stuck due to a lack of knowledge about the business of acting.

With Elise's guidance, I learned very quickly that the success of my career is within my own power.

Through each session, she gracefully and compassionately helped me to clarify specifc goals and actions, which empowered me to grow beyond my former comfort zone to achieve more. Before working with Elise, I believed that I had to move to L.A. ASAP in order to advance my TV/film career; since working in Power Group, I've booked my first two co-stars in my current location!”

If you are craving ongoing strategy and personalized coaching to help you Work as An Actor, VO Talent, or Audiobook Narrator + Find Balance with the rest of your creative life, then... 

Momentum Club is THE coaching program to help you:

  • Get clarity on your milestones and daily actions so that you can achieve the results you initially set out to achieve
  • Troubleshoot whenever you reach a hiccup in your reach outs, auditions, negotiations, etc. 
  • Learn new business skills in developing as both a performer and CEO of your acting career
  • Receive ongoing feedback and accountability from Elise, our Global Actor Community Mentors + fellow Momentum Clubbers

It’s time to ask yourself: 

Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone + take action now?

If the answer is YES, then you’re in the right place because
Momentum Club is now enrolling.


About Your Mentor, Elise Arsenault

Elise Arsenault, Coach + Founder of The Global Actor, is known for bringing focus + direction to actors' careers by helping them "live where they want + work when they want".

Through her signature online course, THE GREAT AUDIOBOOK ADVENTURE, Elise and her partner, Justin Marra have helped hundreds of narrators break into and level-up within the audiobook industry. Graduates of their program narrate audiobooks for every major publisher, direct for the Big 5, narrate Audie-nominated and Earphones award-winning titles and emerge as leaders in the industry.

Elise's Dream Big, Plan Smart framework has helped actors attract consistent income from their creative careers and breakthrough limiting beliefs so they experience more fun and flow in their lives.

A graduate of the British American Drama Academy at Oxford and George Mason University, Elise holds a certificate from the Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at Boston Conservatory.

Elise is an award-winning actor, with roles ranging from stage to screen. Her voice can be heard on dozens of voiceover spots including national commercials, industrials and video games. The narrator of over 160 audiobooks, Elise is drawn to stories of empowerment, optimism and overcoming challenges. She writes for Backstage Magazine as a Backstage Expert. When not performing or coaching, you may find Elise making music, dancing, rock climbing, traveling, gathering with friends who impact change in the world and playing with her Whoodle pup, Ampersand.